Everyone is Fake Happy in Paramore’s new video

19 November 2017

fake happy paramore

Paramore’s new “Fake Happy” video uses the perfect emoji!

Paramore’s latest video dropped on Friday November 17 and has lead vocalist Hayley Williams going through the streets of New York trying to spread sparkle happiness while surrounded by people with “fake happy” faces.

The Zac Farro-directed music video uses the upside down smiley face to cover everyone’s faces during Hayley’s stroll. The singer hates phoniness and fake-ness as she explained during a Beats 1 interview and that hatred was the inspiration behind this song.

“It’s not fun to be around, it’s not fun to do yourself…But then there are these moments in your life where you’re professional and you have to have grace with yourself, you have to have grace with other people and work hard, but it’s that self-preservation thing.”

Catch Paramore on their world tour and pick up their latest album After Laughter, which has already been released!