Eminem and Proof 1999 freestyle

1 February 2016

unreleased freestyle eminem proof

Who’s ready for some never-heard-before Eminem verse featuring Proof.

You all are, and if you’re not just get out, get a life and then come back. I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid.

The story began back in 1999 when Eminem and the late Proof were in a studio with DJ Tim Westwood. A verse from here and another from there, we got a 13-minute rap session, which Westwood decided to make public on Thursday, January 28.

The #TBT gesture isn’t Westwood’s first since he has been digging up his archives since last year when he released a Jay Z freestyle, also from 1999.

In this new video, previewing pictures of Westwood with Eminem, Proof (RIP) and the crowd that gathered for the session, we hear the two rappers freestyle old school style. The D12 members rapped, we clapped especially after that explosive finale.