Echame La Culpa could be Despacito 2.0

18 November 2017

echame la culpa demi lovato luis fonsi

Demi Lovato teamed up with Luis Fonsi for a new Spanish banger.

Fonsi gave us “Despasito,” which became THE track of the summer and topped charts for weeks. Demi joins him on “Échame La Culpa” and shows off her Spanish roots delivering steaming verse about throwing blame each person on themselves not to ruin the relationship, no matter what type of relationship it is

“Échame La Culpa” dropped on November 16 with a music video featuring both artists. Fonsi is busting moves most of the time and Demi joins him for the big party scene. She’s also seen dancing around a fancy bedroom in a red ruffled shirt and fishnets.

I don’t know about you, but this Spanish infiltration into mainstream music is awesome!