Daya’s New is completely new her

19 October 2017

daya new

Daya is having some serious regrets on her new track “New.”

Daya has gone a long way in the past two years, topping charst, winning a Grammy and signing with Interscope Records. The singer is working hard on new things, of which is her latest track, appropriately titled “New.”

In the track however, Daya doesn’t seem to be happy with her relationship decision of going after someone new while still hung up on her ex. The video and track were released on October 12 and have Daya driving to a desert with her love interest and then settling in the middle of nowhere on a couch and later a phone booth.

The track was co-written by Daya with with team Stargate, Sir Nolan, James Newman and Leland. The artist says she’s working “twice as hard” for respect as a songwriter and “New” was her “most strikingly emotional” track making it the first she wanted fans to hear as she revealed for Billboard.