Dance With Somebody, anybody!

2 June 2017

bebe rexha lil wayne the way i are dance with somebody

Bebe Rexha and Lil Wayne just want to dance with someone, regardless of who that person is.

Bebe’s new track “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)” features Lil Wayne who joins Bebe’s ple of just wanting to dance. The two deliver the message in a very culturally aware manner as they include people dancing from all around the world.

Bebe changes between two outfits and is seen dancing and moving with whatever group she is with until everyone meets up for a giant party in the streets.

When talking about the track to Complex, Bebe said “I really wanted this to look and feel more fun and carefree — something that everyone can get down with and vibe out to.” To which we can say delivered on point.