Cruel and wHo will make you melt

18 July 2016

cruel who zayn

Zayn has not one but two new songs out.

“Cruel” and “wHo” both dropped on the same day; the first a collaboration with DJ duo Snakehips and the second as part of the Ghostbusters soundtrack.

“Cruel” is rumored to be about Zayn’s girlfriend model Gigi Hadid since the lyrics somewhat apply to their relationship and adds to its #RelationshipGoals factors.

The other track “wHo” was inspired by Ghostbusters original theme song and was turned into a somewhat romantic narrative. It’s part of the movie’s soundtrack which was released on the same day as the movie, July 14.

To be fair, with vocals like Zayn’s, any track will make you melt because, well, you’ve heard him.