Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato give you your single summer anthem!

1 June 2018

clean bandit demi lovato solo

Demi Lovato and Clean Bandit have the perfect break up track and video, “Solo!”

“Solo” was released by Clean Bandit on May 18 and was followed by a trippy video showcasing a blonde skater trying to get out of an abusive relationship.

The protagonist finds herself seeking the help of the Clean Bandit’s members who are scientists in disguise and working on a super woofy formula.  I won’t share more for you to enjoy the video, but I will say it’s a very happy ending for our blonde! Demi is seen intermittently in a summer dress reminiscing over an ex.

Demi Lovato recently announced that she won’t be releasing any more tracks of her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me but will rather be debuting new tracks. If we learnt anything from her most recent collaborations, they’re going to be epic!

As for Clean Bandit, they’re on tour and will be visiting us her in Lebanon to perform at the Beit Misk Festival on June 28. If you didn’t get your tickets yet, do it before they sell out because that’s happening pretty soon! See you there!