Chasing Butterflies in Fire Fade

29 August 2017

fire fade tove lo

Tove Lo released Fire Fade, the second chapter of Lady Wood, following Fairy Dust.

Fire Fade features four tracks “Don’t Talk About It,” “Imaginary Friend,” “Keep it Simple,” “Flashes,” and “WTF Love Is” all still part of the 2016 album.

Get ready for an extremely emotional visual and script as Tove Lo’s protagonist opens up about the past following Fairy Dust, or maybe prequels it. The artist defies gravity climbing up walls while following a butterfly before she finally catches it, more than once to later, well, destroy it. In a very Peter Pan, “I don’t believe in fairies” way, the singer kills off most of what she was dreaming off at the beginning of the film, through the butterfly. After the turmoil, Tove Lo bumps into her neighbours who seem to know how to throw a 3-people party and the singer fantasizes about joining them.

Fire Fade is set in the same motel room we saw Tove Lo burn in the previous film, except that this time she barely if ever leaves the room and spends most of her time dragging herself from ceiling to ground to bed to a corner where she plays

“My name is x baby, x baby
Chicka chicka bom bom bom
Chaplin Charlie
Chaplin Charlie
I love you”

with what we assume to be her “Imaginary Friend” if we choose to follow the lyrics.

What do you think of Fire Fade?