Caught In The Middle of a very trippy video

27 June 2018

paramore caught in the middle

Paramore gifted us a new song and video “Caught In The Middle.”

The trio had been away from the music scene the past years but they have been back and we couldn’t be happier. Paramore brought back with them some early music video making techniques that we stopped seeing for a while and made an extremely trippy video for “Caught In The Middle.”

We see them trying to escape an attacking orange or running on apples as well as roaming pencil-colored surroundings. Hayley Williams reveals to us their true nature and the reason why they go on these weird adventures that we only see in one place; a fridge.

They are hanging magnets going through everything that hangs on the outside of a fridge to record memories.

Paramore are ending their world tour soon in their hometown of Nashville and they’re doing it in style giving the entire town a festival;

“We are pretty close to wrapping up our touring cycle for After Laughter and heading home. Instead of a throwing a homecoming party for ourselves, why don’t we throw a party for the whole city?”