Beyonce is behind another great song..but not hers

6 April 2016

Chloe x halle drop

“Time stops when the beat drops” and time will stop when you listen to “Drop.”

“Drop” is the first single by young sister duo Chloe x Halle who are signed to Beyonce’s record label Parkwood Entertainment. So if something has captured Bey’s eye, you gotta be intrigued. Well, I’m here to tell you, “Drop” will not disappoint you. The song has an amazing feel with everything you want from a song; great vocals, great tune, great lyrics and even a cool rap.

What makes “Drop” even more of a hit is the video!

Shot on the same location where¬†Django Unchained was filmed and featuring a super cute horse and entangled hair, the visuals will transport you to a different world where you’ll feel time has literally stopped for the 3:31 minutes duration of the song…and all the times you replay it.