Beautiful Trauma challenges stereotypes by putting P!nk in a kitchen

23 November 2017

beautiful trauma channing tatum

P!nk recruited Channing Tatum for the most musical music video ever.

“Beautiful Trauma,” P!nk’s title track off her latest album got a visual treatment and what a sight it is! The first part of the video has the artist living as the housewife of one Channing Tatum, who needs no introduction. P!nk is seen doing house chores, poorly, while Channing waits for his dinner and reads the newspaper. Meanwhile, they pull some LaLa Land worthy moves between the different monochromatic rooms of their multicolored house.

Halfway through the video we see a twist…


P!NK CATCHES CHANNING WEARING A DRESS, and then nothing is the same again. The video challenges stereotypes in a very direct and upfront manner ending with P!nk wear the “Mr.” eye mask.