Battle of the Bands 2015

21 September 2015

BAttle of the bands 2015 demo post (Medium)

Virgin Radio Lebanon is the home of fresh new sounds: we’re always bringing you the latest hits, shows and even talents. Yes you heard it! For the third year in a row VRL is giving you the chance to showcase your talents in front of the Lebanese crowd with Battle of the Bands!
Every Talented musician or singer can take part in the competition by simply sending their demos to It’s a one step away from realizing your dream, and becoming the next best superstar!! Anthony and Frankie will be hosting the event at “Le Mall Sin El Fil” where battles will be exploding on stage with our talented candidates. This week we will start playing the demos you sent us on the Morning show and the listeners will get the chance to pick their favorite artist each day. On the other hand, 5 contestants will be invited every week to perform live in the qualification round. The winner will get top-class music equipment & the opportunity to record their original song and air it on VRL.
Battle of the Bands will be an incredible experience for both talents and audience. It’s an event so vibrant and overflowing with energy, passion and innovation. Join us while we appreciate inspiring music and outstanding artists!