Baby born without a nose

2 April 2015

Baby without a nose

Eli Thompson was born with an extremely rare condition called congenital arhinia. This condition causes the absence of the nose at birth, and only around 38 cases are reported in the history of modern medicine. His mother Brandi said “The day I delivered, everything went fine”. “At 4:42 when he was born, he came out and the doctor put him on my chest. When I took a closer look at him, I said, ‘He doesn’t have a nose,’ and they took him out of the room.”

Eli does not have an olfactory cavity, and cannot smell. He had a tracheotomy to help him breathe. His mother is raising money to eventually have surgery to build him a nose, but doctors might not be able to perform the procedure before puberty, as his palate didn’t form all the way. Brandi said “He’s an extremely happy baby and does cute stuff all the time,” she said. “There’s a reason aside from his health issue and not having a nose as to why we call him our miracle baby. He just tugs on people’s heart strings. It’s his demeanor.”