Another week another million

29 December 2015

adele 25 breaking records

Adele continues her chart topping journey as we get close to 2016.

This is the fifth week since 25 was released into the world. The album saw the light, the spotlight actually, on November 20 and has been topping charts and shattering records ever since.

In its first week of sales, 25 broke 15 year old NSYNC record to later follow it up in the second week and become the first album since 1991 (when Nielsen Music started tracking) to sell more than a million copies in two different weeks.

And now, it has done it again in the week leading to Christmas Eve. According to the tracker, Adele sold 1.16 million copies in the US in the week before the 24th. The tracker’s week begins on Fridays and ends on Thursdays, which, this year, happened to be Christmas Eve. The dates being as they are proved beneficial for Adele for people were doing their last minute Christmas shopping and 25 couldn’t be a more perfect gift.

The album has so far sold 7.13 million copies in the US and remains at No 1 of Billboard’s 200 album charts for the fifth consecutive week. It’s followed by Justin Bieber’s Purpose at No 2 and Chris Brown’s Royalty at No 3.