An amazing Eminem-full and Beyonce-less video

26 December 2017

Eminem Walk On Water video

Eminem released the video for “Walk on Water” as the perfect Christmas gift.

Eminem’s lead single from his Revival album has the rapper walking on water, only when it’s frozen, and so does the video, which was released on December 23.

The visual kicks off with Em standing alone facing a mic and then moves to a group of Eminems sitting behind desks on typewriters punching gibberish as fast as the artist raps until they get the worthy lyrics. Later Eminem walks on a freezing lake and sees a version of himself frozen beneath the surface to later reach a giant statue of an unidentified object. The subject of the statue isn’t revealed at the end of the video even after Eminem proclaims his unshakeable status as the author of “Stan.”

Between Eminems on typewriters and the one walking on (frozen) water, we see a succession of the artist’s former selves standing on a stage as crowds change over the years. Beyonce is nowhere to be seen in the video but at some point, Proof, the rapper’s late friend flashes on screen as the lyrics also reference him.

Eminem Ft Beyonce Walk On Water Video

“But the only one who’s looking down on
Me that matters now’s DeShaun”