All The Stars will brighten your day

7 February 2018

all the stars kendrick lamar sza

Kendrick Lamar and SZA got an extremely beautiful visual treatment for “All The Stars.”

Dave Mayers and The Little Homies served a visually satisfying and extremely appealing video for the lead track of Black Panther. “All the Stars” was released on January 2 and was followed by the mesmerizing video on February 6.

It sees both artists going from incredible scene to incredible scene as imagery and colors intermingle. Kendrick is seen first sailing alone on his boat among a crowd of swaying hands only for the scene to shift and reveal SZA as the queen she is, protecting her people in her might and grandiosity. Scenes go from blue to gold to extremely starry as the two artists go through the song.  Black Panther is clearly referenced as Kendrick makes his way among many black panthers in a grey gloomy setting.