All Falls Down into place in this Alan Walker video

21 November 2017

all falls down alan walker noah cyrus

Alan Walker and Noah Cyrus’ track with Digital Farm Animals “All Falls Down” has a music video.

Whether you’re a Walker or not you have to appreciate this track and video. “All Falls Down” was released on October 26 with a music video that follows the events of his previous track, “Tired.” The post-apocalyptic setting remains and the story evolves to reach a place a cliffhanger we expect to be cleared in the third part of this trilogy.

It features vocals from the lovely Noah Cyrus who was happy to be part of this project praising Alan for his work.

“I’ve loved this record since the moment I heard it. It’s amazing to be a part of this song with such a badass dude and it’s really incredible to be a part of this project.”

Noah was also a perfect match for the track according to Alan;

“Noah Cyrus’ voice is absolutely incredible! Ever since I first heard the topline, I’ve been in love with it and can’t wait for my fans to hear it as well. It has a refreshing production that still fits well within my signature sound, which is important for me to maintain as I evolve as an artist.”