Adele beat Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber beat Eminem

27 October 2015

Jb Adele

Adele beat Taylor Swift previous record by far and so did Justin to Eminem.

The Single-Day View Vevo Queen title just moved from Taylor to Adele following the release of her new single “Hello” which is taking the world by storm.

Taylor Swift sat on the Vevo views throne for her “Bad Blood” single earlier this year with 20.1 million views on the day of the release. On Thursday, October 22, when “Hello” was released, Adele hit a new record with a whooping 27.7 million views on the day of the release.

The Vevo crown, which is now Adele’s, once belonged to Miley Cyrus for “Wrecking Ball” with 19.3 million views and after that to Nicki Minaj for “Anaconda” with 19.6 million views before being moved to Taylor for “Bad Blood.”

Not to set up a beef but this wasn’t the first time Adele snatches something away from Taylor; the 2013 Golden Globe for Best Original Motion Picture Song was won by “Skyfall” over Taylor’s “Safe and Sound” for Hunger Games.

taylor swift golden globes

Despite it all, Taylor still has the most viewed video ever on Vevo for “Blank Space.” The video was viewed 1.2 BILLION times in case you’re wondering.