A Grande Legendary music video

6 March 2017

beauty and the beast music video ariana grande john legend

Beauty and the Beast’s theme song has a video that is as magical as the movie itself.

A tale as old as time, Belle, played by Emma Watson, is seen donning the famous yellow gown and dancing with Beast in the castle’s ballroom. Other characters including Mrs Potts and Chip are seen in the music video.

Ariana Grande blasting her vocals is as enchanting as Belle in a huge ruffled red dress and straight falling hair. Dancers dressed in red and looking like rose petals swirl and fall around her.

John Legend is seen on the piano dressed in a regal jacket while he plays and sings his part. He’s later joined by Ariana while Beauty and the Beast dance their way through the ballroom.

Beauty and the Beast is set to be released on March 17.