A Good Night is all about romance and good vibes

10 April 2018

john legend a good night

According to John Legend “Your spring bop has arrived.”

“A Good Night” is John Legend’s latest release and it’s so awesome that it will give you butterflies. The artist dropped the BloodPop collaboration on April 6 and this time his relationship with his wife Chrissy Tiegen is not the one in the limelight and there’s a reason for that, John explains;

“I think people are so invested in my relationship with Chrissy, and this song and video is about meeting someone new, so I felt like it would be cooler to feature another couple and let it be about them, rather than me and Chrissy. … It’s more about new love and celebration.”

The visual follows first a woman entering a club where she starts swiping left until she finds a man she fancies only to be swiped left by him. The focus shifts between individuals until our heroine finds a match, who she ends up marrying as per the song’s lyrics.

“A Good Night” ends with another good night, the wedding of the two people who met at the club where feel good vibes become prominent with John Legend dances with the couple.